Spring Clean Your Life


Spring Clean Your Life

“It’s Spring!  Let’s throw open the windows and put on our summer dress!!!"  Is anyone else thinking this? When the sun comes out and I can finally feel a blast of warm sun on my skin, I feel an overwhelming sense of excitement for the coming months.  It is a great time to let fresh air in, spring clean and shift clutter we don't necessarily need anymore but this is also a great time to spring clean your mind.

It’s time to get rid of thoughts, habits and clutter that keep you from being the best version of you and bring in some new practices to get you the results you deserve.  Here are a few top tips:


1. Ditch a bad habit. Ask yourself, "what is one habit that I need to change and if I did, what would it do for my day to day life? It can be something huge, like quitting smoking, drinking or eating bad foods or it can be smaller, like not watching so much TV. Whatever it is, take the time and clean out a habit that has been holding you back.

2. Create distance from draining relationships.  This is the person who leaves you feeling drained at the end of a lunch.  Remember, good relationships will energise you. I know this can be tough, but if you want to step up to a new level, you need to release any toxic relationships around you.

3. Deal with a fear. This can be a big challenge, but it’s all about taking small steps. Ask yourself, what is one fear that is holding me back? What would your life be like if you no longer had this fear?  Get present in the now, create awareness around your fear, commit to facing it and start taking action daily towards overcoming it.

4. Declutter. Clutter and extra material items impact your entire life. Take time to clean out cluttered areas.  Get rid of all the things that do not serve a purpose now or in the future. The less clutter around you means less clutter in your mind. Simplify and create space to think and create.

5. Dispel a belief that has been holding you back.  Any belief where you say “I can’t" at the beginning of the sentence will not benefit you. Start really digging into a belief and why it stops you from achieving what you really want. To start to dispel a negative belief, ask yourself "What is the benefit of this belief? For what purpose am I holding onto this belief?"

6. Get healthy. Go on a spring detox and flush out the winter toxins or commit to living healthier by exercising a few days a week and eating better. Your ability to succeed in business and life is connected directly to your energy. Start giving your body and mind more of what it needs, eat better and exercise.

7. Get creative. Add some fun back into your routine.  Being creative is a key human need and I bet you don’t spend enough time creating something just for you. Maybe it’s, painting, writing, music or learning a new language? Whatever it is for you, commit to flexing your creative muscle and have some fun!

8. Build or strengthen a relationship. This relationship needs to be powerful, positive and affirming. Get to know someone new or re-connect with someone who provided a spark in your life. Optimal performance requires that you have healthy positive relationships. The more the better.

9. Be out in nature. It’s time to get outside and reconnect with nature a bit. Nature gives you space to breathe, let go of work and reconnect with the present moment. It can be as simple as spending time in your garden or going to a park. Just commit to being outside for at least 15-30 minutes a day.

Commit to taking one action every day on each and start moving forward.