Where is the Love?


Where is the Love?

Do you put others before yourself?  Do you find it difficult to receive compliments and find yourself sending one straight back?  Do you have a harsh inner critic that won't leave you alone?  If you've answered yes to some or all of these questions, perhaps it's time to implement a little more self-love. Love is the most powerful emotion. FACT.  Many of us are highly sophisticated at sending love out to others but are you as good at loving yourself? As women, we are by nature, self-sacrificing beings but in order to have a healthy, wholesome relationship, be it with your partner, child, family, it's so important to practice self-love.  So how do you do this?  Here are a few pointers; 

1.  Do an act of self-love for yourself  every day - "EVERYDAY?!"  I can hear you shouting at me... I know you are all busy but this doesn't have to be a grand gesture, it can be having a bath and making it a more luxurious experience, make time for a lie, (especially if you have to be up early with mini people every day) catch up on some well needed sleep, buy a book that will make you feel good, spend time "just being" in the moment with a coffee.  Whatever you choose to do, while you're doing it tell yourself "I deserve this".   I know, it may feel a little American but treating your self with worth is loving and valuing yourself.

2.  Think of your greatest admirer and what they would say.  It may be your Mum, best friend, partner, Aunt, sister, all of us have very special people in our life that adore us and think we are the best (that's because we are)!  When your harsh inner critic tunes into your radio waves you need to banish them and instead, tune in to your biggest fan and what they would say.  I guarantee they will not agree with your inner critic.  Doing this small exercise will eventually banish your inner critic and in its place will be a positive, happy inner voice.

3.  Nourish yourself - are you skipping meals or eating late because you're too busy?  Are you shoving something you're not particularly excited about in the oven, tired at the end of the day?  Food is the fuel for our body and mind and eating well can often be overlooked with a busy schedule.  With more and more artificial ingredients embedded in our supermarket favourites, there has never been a more important time to really plan and pay attention to what we eat.  The fresher and cleaner the better.  Try and order in your shopping and plan your meals for the week.  Batch cook if your week is fairly hectic and lastly, enjoy your food, really taste it and appreciate what you have created - it really is one of life's greatest pleasures!