You Are Not Your Thoughts


You Are Not Your Thoughts

The Secret Magic of Mindfulness - Frances Trussell  

As some of you know, we recently attended the Mindful Living Show - one of our favourite events on the calendar!  Every year, we make really valuable connections with like-minded, positive people who are doing amazing work in their field.  This year was no different, we are super pleased to have reconnected with Frances Trussell at the Show.

Frances is mindfulness advisor on TV, in schools, to charities and across the corporate world.  This talented lady helps clients overcome anxiety and depression so they can be more present in their lives.

Frances is founder of which provides mindfulness training to groups and individuals. I had to tell you all about her latest book "You Are Not Your Thoughts," - this book is short and to the point and I loved every minute of reading it because I was making simple revelations in every chapter.  This book provides clarity on mindfulness - Mindfulness is a simple concept after all - but applying it?  A whole different thing...  It's easy in theory but it takes discipline and kindness to oneself. 

This excerpt sums up mindfulness for me "You are not the voice inside your head.  There is a gap, a silence when that voice shuts up.  And this is a space worth exploration."

Frances guides us on our own journey with these bite-size lessons and I for one have benefitted. Thank you!