Raw Gemstone Jewellery

Welcome to Raw Gemstone Jewellery, I am Sophie and established Raw Gemstone Jewellery in 2016. We are a small family run business and have two toddlers who also keep us very busy! Raw Gemstone Jewellery was born out of my fascination with semi precious gemstones and a love of being in nature so it has been a gift to combine my two passions. We feel incredibly lucky to live in beautiful Norfolk and you will find us taking long walks in the forest or on the beach most weekends!

Raw Gemstone Jewellery's Journey

I love to retain as much of the unique and raw form of our gemstones as possible. I believe they all tell a story and I want everyone to wear our jewellery knowing that no one will have a piece quite like theirs. We semi-polish our gemstones to enhance their beauty and use a unique technique known as electroforming. Rather than casting or setting in the traditional way, electroforming uses a conductive metal to form around the gemstone meaning we can work with more freeform, natural shapes. This incredible technique allows us to create truly one of a kind pieces. Our biggest break through is now using sterling silver as the base metal for our work, traditionally, electroforming needs to be carried out in copper but we are now creating our stunning collections in Sterling Silver, Gold and Rose Gold Vermeil. All our plating is now carried out in the United Kingdom to British Standards. 

We bridge the gap between fashion jewellery and fine jewellery and offer affordable luxury. Raw Gemstone Jewellery brings you a collection of jewellery that strive to be as unique as you.