Raw Gemstone Jewellery

Raw Gemstone Jewellery is a British Jewellery Brand, designed and based in Norfolk, England. Launched in 2016, it was founded by Sophie who is a former Police Officer. Sophie has always had a true passion for jewellery and nature. After spending 12 years serving as a Police Officer, she decided to take a leap of faith, combining her two loves.

The raw aspects of nature have always amazed and inspired Sophie. Her collections have focused on real leaf and raw gemstone jewellery and she strives to capture the natural essence of what is beautiful whilst retaining as much of the original form as possible.

Targeting the mid market, our ranges bridge the gap between "fashion jewellery" and "fine jewellery." Crafted in 22 carat gold, sterling silver and rose gold, our pieces are set with semi-precious stones, giving them a unique and timeless finish.

Our pieces are all ethically sourced and hand made in Thailand from the finest quality stones.

Whether you shop with us because you believe in the holistic properties of gemstones, because you are as inspired by nature as us or simply because you love the sparkle - there really is something unique and individual waiting for you.

Join us on our journey and let us be part of your journey… This is more than just a website, we are creating a community of wonderful, inspiring people and that includes YOU! Join our Mailing List, Facebook and Instagram pages for competitions, discounts and special offers.