Porters Progress UK


Porters Progress UK

As some of you know, I love travelling and especially getting a backpack on and discovering the wonders this world has to offer. None of this would be possible without the Porters that ensure our safety and security so this month we are supporting Porters Progress UK. Porters’ Progress UK facilitates the safe treatment, education and empowerment of mountain porters and their communities through appropriate programmes, with priority given to creating change within the trekking industry.

Porters Progress UK handpick the very best films from Kendal Mountain Festival and host the Best of Kendal World Film Tour.  This year it will take place on Tuesday 15th May 2018 from 6pm.

Come and join us and experience the essence and inspiration of Kendal with a selection of the hottest action sports and adventure films and also raise well needed funds for some of the world’s poorest communities in Nepal. Ikigai Apparel will be donating prizes to the Raffle. We are really looking forward to being there so come and join us!

Full details can be viewed here;  https://www.portersprogre ssuk.org/event/best-of-kendal-mountain-film-tour-2018/

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