Looking to the Future for your Present


Looking to the Future for your Present

With January now upon us, we turn our minds to where we would like to be heading in the New Year

What are your goals and aspirations for this year? Are you happy with the way things are? Would you like to maintain your current lifestyle choices? Would you like to make small changes? Do you feel a career change on the horizon or are you looking towards promotion? Would you like to give your home an overhaul? Are you hoping to get fitter and stronger? Whatever your goals are, looking at where you currently are and visualising your future is a great way to plan.  

There is a lot of emphasis on living in the present, however, assessing what you are happy or not so happy with can spark inspiration and plant seeds for fantastic new beginnings. Close your eyes and allow your imagination to be free. Jot down where your ideas take you and hone in on the ones that you really like. Seek out information which can aid you and just begin! Here are some tips to take you further this January;

1. Use mediation to visualise exactly how you would like your future to look.
2. Start to use your inner voice to praise yourself and all your achievements, no matter how small they are.

3. Use a journal to brain dump all your ideas - everyone needs to "brain dump" - this helps you move closer to your epiphanies. 

4. Refine your ideas and decide which one/s you want to go for. Remember to trust your gut instinct.

5. Make a reading list, refresh and enhance your knowledge. There is nothing more exciting than a new book or magazine!

6. Get out and about, go to events, shops, libraries, get in nature, whatever it is that will get you in physical contact with your new goals. It's important to see, hear, touch, feel and taste your new goals to make them tangible.

7. Speak with friends and family! Use the people you love to sound out your new ideas - different perspectives can sometimes give you new dimensions on something you will have been thinking about or widen your network. 

8. Go for it and enjoy the journey!