Ikigai Apparel with Bhavabox


Ikigai Apparel with Bhavabox

If you are needing a pick me up this season, Ikigai Apparel are teaming up with Bhavabox for their February Box.

These boxes compliment a holistic, yogic lifestyle and the goodies in each months box are FAB!

Each Bhavabox include some of the following gifts; Skin care, Essential oils, Yoga gifts, Healing teas, Healthy snacks, Deluxe samples

In each box purchased for February will be a Real Leaf Pendant and chain from us worth between £20-£25! All you need to do is let them know whether you are a silver, gold or rose gold kind of person!

The Bhavabox Classic:  £35 monthly subscription or a one-off gift box for £38 Includes 5 beautiful products with between 3-5 full size holistic products!

The Bhavabox Mini: £20 monthly subscription or a gift box or £23 for one month only. Includes 1-3 full size holistic products.

With every bhavabox sold, a donation to Myanmar’s Children of the Forest Charity is made, providing children with an education, healthcare a home and most importantly hope.

Bhava means your existence, your sense of being, your unique individuality, and your vision of life. Bhavabox curate beautiful products to complement your yoga journey in and out of the yoga studio, supporting your well-being and healthy lifestyle. It’s the perfect treat to help you relax, unwind, and centre yourself.

All of the products are carefully sourced to bring you products that have been certified. Every box is curated with ethically sourced, cruelty-free products. https://www.bhavabox.com/

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