Collaboration with Petit Dunnocks


Collaboration with Petit Dunnocks

I am so proud to announce our second collaboration with Kate Baker of Petit Dunnocks. We have worked with Kate to design a beautiful range of cruelty free, handmade glitter and faux leather clutch bags.

So how did we discover each other? We have our common friend Gemma Underwood of On Target Massage to thank for that! Gemma bought me one of these beautiful bags as a Christmas present and the rest is history…..

Ikigai Apparel’s mission is to work with talented artists, jewellers and fashion designers to create exclusive ranges of beautiful, individual, high quality pieces. We will always showcase our collaborators and their stories because they are not faceless establishments, they are creative spirits as much as I am and deserve recognition for their work.

At the heart of our work, we ensure that our products are cruelty free and the materials are ethically sourced! These glitter bags are no different. Kate hand sources all the materials which are completely Vegan friendly.

So, whether you choose to opt for a standard or large bag, have fun with them and know that every piece is made with love! Get your sparkle on!

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