Crystal of the Month: White Moon Stone


Crystal of the Month: White Moon Stone

One of the most feminine gemstones is moonstone.  It is both ancient and mysterious and has been worn for thousands of years.  It is the birthstone for June, along with pearl. There are many varieties of moonstone so for now, we will focus on white moonstone which we work with most frequently.  White moonstone represents the energy of the full moon at the height of its power. It is a great gemstone for psychic perception and can enhance vision and dream work. Just like the full moon, white moonstone can magnify your emotions. Used by women, it activates the kundalini energy and opens the inner energy channels. Its energy aids men in reaching emotional balance and in developing their receptive power.

This gemstone personifies a woman’s connection to their inner Goddess and the moon. It is believed that moonstone can aid regular menstrual  and fertility cycles and also eases the transition into menopause. Moonstone is a brilliant gemstone for assisting psychic sight, intuition, wisdom, magic, craft, and ritual. White moonstone soothes and heals the emotions and mind. It enhances spiritual growth and development.

History newsflash; Moonstone was used a lot in Roman jewellery, almost 2000 years ago.  Moonstone is held in high regard for lovers and is often given in some form as a wedding gift.  Moonstone was used as an amulet for travellers, believed to provide protection, especially at night.

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