Metaphysical Guide

The best psychic stone; inspiring and mentally balancing. Aids a deeper mental state allowing the subconscious to flow. Triggers intuition, connecting the subconscious to the higher self.

Although many people associate lapis with dark blue, it can also be found in other blue shades, and even other hues. Its color can range from deep violet blue and royal blue to light blue to turquoise blue to a greenish blue. The combination of different minerals in the aggregate determines the color. The presence of lazurite produces lapis lazuli’s prized royal blue color, or alternatively, a mineral called afghanite creates a pale blue shade.

History Newsflash: It has been mined from Afghanistan since the early 7th century, and it was discovered in ancient burial sites throughout the Caucasus, the Mehrgarh and even as far as the Republic of Mauritania. The funeral mask for the ancient Egyptian pharaoh 'King Tut' was even discovered to have been decorated with lapis lazuli.