Metaphysical Guide

Labradorite is one of our favourite gems, it is a powerful, protective stone, used to establish grounding. Known as Labradorescence, the colour is composed of aggregate layers that refract the light as iridescent flashes of golds, pale blues, peacock blues, even sparks of coppery red.

This mystical gem is often used for spiritual development. It is a powerful stone used for meditation, mediumship and reaching a higher level of intuition. Labradorite is great for warding off negative energy and is believed to bring the best elements of your personality through. Placed in a working environment, this stone can make colleagues more personable, courteous and give their full attention to tasks.

History News Flash: It was initially discovered in Labrador, Canada in the late 1700s but references date back to legends told by the Lore of the Inuit people who claim Labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis. They believed that it is a “Stone of Magic”, a crystal of shamans, diviners, healers, and all who travel and embrace the universe seeking knowledge and guidance.