Metaphysical Guide

This variety of Quartz is distinguished by its beautiful banding, Agate is a stone of strength and courage found mostly in volcanic rocks.. It assists in strengthening the mind and body, grounding and stabilising emotions and physical energy. Agate helps with acceptance of oneself and seeing the truth, balancing and directing energies appropriately.

This stone can ease anxiety and bring a feeling of protection over vulnerabilities of a physical and emotional nature. Agate is a stone to calm chaos, dispelling negative energies to help find solitude. Agate has the attributes to show you endless possibilities and the courage to follow what comforts you.

History News Flash; Agate carved thousands of years ago into Holy objects and magic amulets was discovered on the banks of the Greek river Achates, being the reason it has its name. Legend has it that this stone can bring about powers of invisibility and great courage.