Metaphysical guide

A stone of strength and courage.  It assists in strengthening the mind and body, grounding and stabilising emotions and physical energy.  Agate helps with acceptance of oneself and seeing the truth.

Soothes the nervous system, giving strength to the heart and body, balancing the mental and auric body. This stone is great for attraction, uplifting the spirit and creative energy. It also gives perspective to your more harmful traits, helping you to let go of them.

This is a natural stress reliever. The stone of spirituality and contentment, this stone promotes growth, stability, strength and inner peace. It also brings wealth and business sense to the owner.

The gentle and compassionate stone releases any anger, purifies the body and provides clarity of mind.  This stone assists self-courage, self-expression and is an excellent stone for meditation, calming and balancing the physical, mental and emotional chakras.

This stone attracts luck, abundance and success. It provides comfort, harmony and protects the heart. This stone is also great for attracting love. Centers you while inspiring independence, well being and health.

This stone is the ‘Stone of the Heavens’, it is believed to awaken psychic abilities, recognise intuition and spiritual guidance. This stone also calms and relieves mental stress.

Black Tourmalinated Quartz
Known as the ‘Wall’, this is one of the most protective of crystals, it centers and grounds energy, whilst forming a protective barrier, shielding one against all forms of subtle negative energy.

A gentle cleanser and purifier of the blood and body toxins. A balancer of mind, heart and action. Gut impulses can be accelerated and ties released, as the message of the crystal is trust in the self and the great journey.

Apatite enhances one’s insight, learning abilities and creativity, and to give increased self-confidence. It also is said to help achieve deeper states of meditation.

Citrine promotes light-heartedness, happiness, hope, courage and strength.  It also attracts abundance and assists in restoring self-esteem.  It attracts abundance and prosperity into our lives.

Herkimer Diamond
This is a type of quartz almost translucent, subtle green with back specks.  As a type of quartz, this stone is perfect for meditation and to aid clear thinking.

Jasper is linked to ideas, invention, expanded creativity, design, meditation, visions and travel; all that opens the mind. It is also linked to the realm for the ancient ascended masters, so teaching is also part so stones gift. The fire and earth of the crystal provides a means of employing the ideas and grounding them.

Red Jasper
Promotes vitality, exuberance & physical well-being. Vitalises the body and expands the energy system with creative energy.  This stone inspires new beginnings and stimulates intellect with positive entrepreneurial ideas. Great for new beginnings, creative flair, and the active use of artistic abilities.

Brings to light areas which have been hidden, allowing for more to be understood. Slows anger and allows the user to see what is present. Encourages stability in the self, reduces ego, grounding and centering, places the consciousness closer to the true self-expression. Enhances mental abilities, increases psychic abilities, rational thought, prudence, patience, judgement and discernment.

Lapis Lazuli
The best psychic stone; inspiring and mentally balancing. Aids a deeper mental state allowing the subconscious to flow. Triggers intuition, connecting the subconscious to the higher self.

A calming stone which can be used for protection during pregnancy and childbirth. Promotes natural flow and change, used to access female energy. Moonstone can be used to stimulate growth or assist with unexpected change.

Improving memory, calming the mind and easing stress by improving self confidence, like its sister it helps you understand and deal with the pressures of modern living.

Rose Quartz
The love stone: for unconditional love, forgiveness and infinite peace and compassion. It purifies and opens the heart allowing us to feel love more freely.

Smoky Quartz
Can be used to release old, calcified or fermenting negativity like grief, anger and despair. It is a mildly calming stone and a good balancer of sexual energy. A good tool for meditation as it helps you explore your inner self by penetrating the dark areas with love and light.

Tigers Eye
Seen as a physical and spiritual protector, it has had associations with warriors and shamans for centuries.  Wards off physical and spiritual danger. The vibrant colours in this stone inspire physical strength, well-being, bravery, courage against adversity, honesty and a positive self view.

The stone which provides clarity of thinking: this a stone I use again and again for meditation.  It assists in providing clear thought process and contacting the higher self and spirit guides.