Making the break


Making the break

And here it is… 11 years, 2 months and 22 days of career as a Police Constable, but today is the first day of my new beginning!

Policing will always be in my heart. Ensuring safety, security, keeping the peace and protecting the vulnerable are a gift of a career. I am so proud of what the police do and am grateful for the inspiring people I have worked with. Their steel, bravery and determination are second to none.  I have made friends for life and been part of a family that will always support each other.

I have lost colleagues and friends who never expected or deserved to go so soon and therefore, I choose to live life in the present, love life and create my own destiny.

The only limitations we have are those that we place on ourselves, life is there for our taking and that is why I am so excited to take this enormous leap. It has taken a huge amount of planning and preparation to get to this stage but I have total faith.

I will be experiencing new countries and cultures, sourcing our amazing materials. I will be creating new and exciting collections and working on more fabulous collaborations than ever. What a way to start 2018!

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