Metaphysical Guide

A gentle cleanser and purifier of the blood and body toxins. A balancer of mind, heart and action. Gut impulses can be accelerated and ties released, as the message of the crystal is trust in the self and the great journey.

It is believed that Brazilianite cures the center of inflammation and safeguards the wearer from auxiliary attacks of the same disease. Damage to nerve tissue, which is caused by pollution, pesticides, paint or varnish, can be treated with the effective energies of Brazilianite.

History Newsflash: Brazilianite was named after Brazil, the first country of discovery in 1944. This yellow-green phosphate mineral was found in Minas Gerais, Brazil and it was implicit as chrysoberyl. Then a mineralogist, F.H. Pough discovered that it is completely a distinctive mineral, and then it was named for its discovered location i.e. Brazil.