Metaphysical Guide

This stone is the ‘Stone of the Heavens’ by the ancient Chinese, it is believed to awaken psychic abilities, recognise intuition and spiritual guidance. This stone also calms and relieves mental stress.

Azurite’s properties help to open the mind , clear away tension and confusion. This crystal stimulates the intellect, awakening the development of psychic and intuitive abilities. It may be used for the enhancement of dreams and entering a meditative or channeling state.

This stone is a soft, named for its deep “azure blue” color. It is a copper carbonate mineral found in the upper oxidized portions of copper ore formed in masses, nodules, tabular or prismatic crystals, sometimes with a vitreous luster. The saturated color ranges from bright to deep blue into shades of indigo, and may contain streaks of light blue.

History Newsflash: To the inhabitants of Atlantis and the early Egyptians, Azurite was a most potent psychic stone and shrouded in mystery; its secrets known only to the highest priests and priestesses. For the Mayans based in Mexico, Azurite inspired the mystical self and facilitated the transfer of wisdom and knowledge via thought, while Native Americans used this sacred stone to contact their spiritual Indian guide, feel the presence and understand the message.